A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

ThatGoodParty is an 2D visual novel vertically scrolling video game about how drugs generates dependence and change your environment.

You are a duck in a rave party where you must talk to other fellas and get some of "that thing".

NES style :)

Languages avaliables:

- English

- Spanish

Duration: 5 ~ 10 min.

Instalation: Download the file below and execute the .exe

Check devlog for more information.


XBOX CONTROLLER:                                                                       KEYBOARD

Move: joystick or d-pad                                                                     Move: A, D or arrows

Interact: A                                                                                                  Interact: A

Enjoy: Y                                                                                                        Enjoy:  Q

Impulse: A                                                                                                  Impulse: Space


Video game by Fran Ruiz and Eric Sola.

Dialogues: Biel Estelrich (main) and Fran Ruiz. 

English translation: Rebeca Reinosa. 

Psychedelic blues song: Danny James.

You can follow our personal accounts on twitter. Fran RuizEric Sola.

~ That's all folks ~

Please leave a comment telling us what do you think about the video game and what would you change to improve it. Reviews are welcome!

Quack you so much!


ThatGoodParty_v1.0_WIN.zip 21 MB
ThatGoodParty_v1.0_MAC.app.zip 27 MB
ThatGoodParty_v1.0_LINUX.zip 29 MB

Development log


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Hey thanks for the hookup, great party. Went to duck heaven with 0 debt.


That ending was good. Great job over here!!

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Great game!

Thanks for playing! ^^


Great game I really loved it! I was struggling to keep my poor lil ducky high for as long as possible.


Thank you!!

I'm sorry, there is not a "pacific run" mode right now hahahaha :)


This is a pretty little game! I really liked the few tracks that were in it, and the artstyle, though simplistic even by today's pixelart standards, is good. The only gripe I have is  several grammatical errors, but hey, I may be guilty of this as well, being flawless at a second language is hard. So nice work, keep on doing more games!


Hi! thank you for the feedback.

The original dialogue was in spanish and is very hard to translate because have a lot of complex sentences and adages. The experience is different because of this and I'm  so sorry to hear that :(

Anyway, thank you very much for playing the game and leave a comment with your feedback, I'm glad you liked it :)


Yo pass meh them drugsヾ(⌐■_■)ノSo I can get to the fluffy white clouds full of drugs in the sky

so is the duck nappin' at the end or...? 
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Thank you so much for sharing this! Loved your video, we really enjoyed  to see you playing our game.


Is duck died?!?!?!?!!


Very nice story! Just wondering why you turn grey after some time... Is it because you becom s***faced?


Thank you! We decided to turn the duck darker over time to emphasise the change when the duck gets sober and the conversations get more and more uncomfortable through the game